"We looked at your cassette together and recalled with much pleasure the evening at Gasteig".
Wife and daughter of Walter Ruttmann on the appearance of 5 Minute Heroes at Munich's Gasteig

"I am fully convinced in recommending your performance as musical accompaniment to the Ruttmann's film Berlin - Sinfonie einer Grossstadt. Your manner of musical commentary, the free, wild, atonal and rhythmic improvisation to Ruttmann's dizzy pictures made a convincing impression on me. Consequently I have no doubts in recommending this performance. Especially the relatively small instrumentation, offering so much more than a traditional piano accompaniment, makes this project so interesting".
Dr. Bruno Fischli, former head of the film section of the Goethe Institute, central administration, Munich

"The film with musical accompaniment by the Regensburg group met with great interest and recognition by the numerous spectators. I was present myself at one performance and would like to recommend the group for further performances at home and abroad".
Karl-Heinz Thalmann, head of the Goethe Institute, St. Petersburg

"Going by the audience's reaction, the Regensburg group 5 Minute Heroes (the German Michael Mandl on percussion, the Brazilian Márcio Tubino on saxophone and flute) would have won first prize in the event of a competition for their accompaniment to the film Berlin - Sinfonie einer Grossstadt (Walter Ruttmann, 1927). Four Egyptian television stations reported from the festival. A total of 5300 came to the Keep it Silent festival in the opera house".
Official balance of the one-week international silent film festival Keep it Silent in Cairo, by organizer Mr. Künzel of the Goethe Institute in the issue of the magazine Papyrus

"I had this contribution examined by the relevant sections in the corporation and met with a surprisingly positive response, considering that such a public is naturally extremely critical. It was unanimously agreed that your music possesses an imprint in its own right, which does not sneak into the foreground, however, but carefully captures the tone of the film and reinforces without becoming an independent factor. I share this impression and am pleased to confirm that whenever we compose or arrange film music of our own in future, we will strongly recommend you to the directors involved".
Dr. Christof Schmid, television director of Southwest Broadcasting Corporation (SWR)