The Group

Since 1994 the Brazilian-German group 5 minute heroes has made a name for itself in the film music sector.
They have been heard on German & International stages. Audiences have been enthusiastic, no matter if the band performed for the Goethe Institut, for 1000 visitors in the highly regarded Wiener Konzerthaus as the main act, for Ufa-Cinemas, or CineMaxxes.

The 5 minute heroes combine electronic with analog sounds: recorded compositions meet live instruments. Collages of samples function as a rhythmic or harmonic foundation to meet free improvisation.

Composer Michael Mandl works with an “interruption-technique”. The film is divided into sections of meaning, the mood of which is translated into single tunes. Working parallel or complementary to the film, the 5 minute heroes touch on different genres. But no matter, if it is a March, Waltz, Hip Hop, Jazz, Zwiefacher, Minimal Music or Balcan Sounds: the music feels never forced or alien to its subject, the film. Music as a sometimes twinkling acoustic eye.

A special quality of the compositions is their love for detail. The composer and the group worked on the scores for years, trying to musically meet the artistic standards of the avant-garde classics.

Besides performing scores to silent movies, the 5 minute heroes have developed other compositions as well, in which they are faithful to their electro-acoustic concept.

The members of the 5 minute heroes are

A Selection of Special Concerts:

Vienna, Konzerthaus (Great Hall)
Cairo, Opera
Two concert tours in Russia with shows in Perm, Jekaterinenburg, Nischni Nowgorod
Moscow, Museum Cinema
St Petersburg, Music Academy
Peking, Cinema Golden Rooster & German Embassy
Teipei, Ta-An Park (Open Air)
Tokyo, Goethe-Institute
Zagreb, Goethe-Institute

Aachen, Düsseldorf (Ufa-Theatre)
Berlin, Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Platz
Flensburg, Hofkulturtage
Frankfurt, Filmmuseum
Lübeck, Silent Movie Festival
Munic, Gasteig
Regensburg, Palazzo-Festival
Stuttgart, Ruttmann-Festival of the Communal Cinema